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Sympile Fan Says Hello From Mountain View, California

Yesterday, I posted about receiving a nice photo from some friends in Hollywood.

Today, I got this great photo from a friend that was in Mountain View visiting some loser company. What was the name of that company again? Begins with a G? Goo? Google. That's it.

Photo of Google Android Robot Wearing Sympile Hats

It's not that I dislike Google. Although, didn't they did change their motto from "Don't Be Evil" to "Do The Right Thing." Sounds like being evil is okay as long as it fits someone's concept of "doing the right thing."

Here at Sympile, we're out to make a better world. We stay away from cliches that sound good but mean nothing.

Anyway, if you have a photo or note that you want to share, please email me at al@sympile.com.