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Google Modular Phone Goes Missing And The iPhone 7 Appears

Looks like Google's Project Ara has gone bust. Contrary to malicious rumors, we did not hold a party at Sympile when we learned that their modular phone was being tossed into the great Google garbage dump.

Anyway, Google isn't the first company to try a modular device. Anyone remember the old Palm Handspring. They had a slot for different modules like an mp3 player or voice recorder. Handspring went under about a dozen years ago. Maybe Google should have learned something from them.

Here at Sympile, we pride ourselves in making our phones upgradeable. We never have, and never will, permit any SymPhones to have a battery that cannot be replaced. When I started Sympile, I chose the color green to be a part of our identity for a reason.

Sympile is out to make a better world and keeping our planet green for future generations is a key part of our agenda. Watching the release of the Iphone 7 nauseates me. And it has nothing to do with me being worried that the phone is going to any impact on SymPhone sales. Me and Tim got into a shouting match the last time we ran into each other at a conference.

I made it very clear to the AppleMeister that releasing phones with batteries that cannot be replaced by the user is irresponsible and shows a total disregard for the well-being of our planet. And what was his response, "But Al, this way we'll sell a lot more phones in a couple of years." What do you expect from a company who flees the USA to save a few bucks in taxes.

To everyone out there waiting for to get their hands on the latest, greatest must-have gadget (at least until the release of the next SymPhone), think a little bit more about our planet when you're waiting in line at the Apple Store.


It's Sympile.