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Snowden Movie Has Dismal Box Office Weekend - Not Surprised

As you can imagine, I was interested in how the public was going to react to the Snowden movie. Although from Sympile's trending searches, I could see that moviegoers were bored by the subject matter. Privacy - Schmaracy. Yawn. Zzzzzzzz.

According to weekend box office reports, the so-called "real life spy thriller" brought in about $3300 per theater. To put that in perspective, if the average ticket price is $10, each theater sold around 330 tickets per weekend. Not very impressive.

Personally, I'm offended by the government tracking our Internet usage. The last time I checked SymMaps, I was living in the United States, not North Korea. The idea that the government would know who, or what, I support is scary. What can they do with that information?

At Sympile, we take your privacy seriously and treat it as though it was our own. Do you really want anyone to know what you're searching? I don't.

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