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How Long Until Facebook Gets Sued For Video Stat "Discrepancy?"

There was a story out today about Facebook making a mistake in the way they calculated the average viewing time of their videos. Turns out that viewers weren't watching the videos as long as Facebook statistics had indicated. Some type of "discrepancy" explained a spokesperson for Facebook.

I don't know how Facebook's statistics wound up with that type of "discrepancy," but one thing's for sure, there's a large flock of lawyers circling over Menlo Park. That's the thing about those vultures, whenever there's problem, someone's going to file a lawsuit.

A few years back, I was on the campus of Heyward University visiting my old friend Dr. Harris Powers when a group of students came over to say hello. Before I knew it, hundreds of students ran out of their dorms (I know it's my good looks). But anyway, turns out that a few of the kids tripped and skinned their knees. Next thing I know, Sympile's getting hit with a couple of dozen lawsuits saying that we should have known that my appearance would cause a stampede. You believe that? They wanted millions, punitive damages, blah, blah, blah. Eventually, it was settled it for some extra storage on their SymDrives and a Sympile cap. The parasites are lucky they even got that.

Beige Sympile Baseball Cap

Anyway, getting back to this Facebook video debacle. At SymTube, we've been keeping accurate numbers for years, so it's a little hard to understand the "discrepancy." Guess it's one of things that happen. Like when they biased news stories to suppress conservative positions. Mistakes happen and the vultures get fed.

In other words, a lot of people are happy today about this Facebook debacle. The lawyers.

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