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The Sympile Origin Of Black & White Cookies

If you live outside of New York City, there's a good chance that you never saw a Black & White Cookie. Covered with a chocolate and vanilla sugar icing, the crescent moon shaped cake is a Bronx favorite.

My father was a baker on Lydig Avenue, and he used wake up early to bake the traditional NYC desserts: chocolate babka bread and black & white cookies. I love black & whites and always thought it a little strange that the cookie is rarely seen outside of the five boroughs. It's so good. Make a great mall snack.

Anyway, I asked my father if he knew who came up with the cookie. He claimed it was two friends of his.

"So the story is Arnie and Sam were working one night at this bakery over in Morris Park. They were arguing over which frosting was better: vanilla or chocolate. They settled the matter by putting both types of frosting on the same cookie. And a legend was born."

I'm a little skeptical.

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