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Happy Birthday Dad

Sitting on his lap, learning to read. Teaching me to add, subtract, multiply. Lifting me up to kiss the Mezuzah goodnight. Watching him make his biceps go up and down. Giving me haircuts. A dollar allowance. Freedomland. The World's Fair. Walking through the door every night at 4:55 after a long day at the junkyard. Reading the evening newspaper. Two week annual vacation in Far Rockaway. Never calling in sick. Never complaining. Always with mom except when he worked. A Ford Falcon with peeling paint. Bringing home a new yellow car when mom said, “Any color, but.” A few cases of dented Coca-Cola cans that someone had given him that we drank for weeks. Tickets to the Yankees. One time to the Jets. A soccer game to cheer on the Israeli National Team. A new camera. A tape recorder. Black and White TV. Visits with Aunt Margaret. Every Sunday a trip to the Bear Mountains. Stopping for Apple Cider on the way home - Ten cents all you can drink. Sunday night aufschnitz from Schild Brothers. Rosh Hashonah. Yom Kippur. Thanksgiving. Chanukah. Searching for the chometz. Pesach. Buying back the afikomen. Birthday celebrations. Bar Mitzvahs. Weddings. A smile. A tear when I left home. Blue eyes. Quiet. Calm. Smart. Honest. Generous. Caring. Holocaust Survivor.

I love you. I miss you.