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Every Sympile Web Search Is Biased

Lately, there has been a bunch articles saying that Google web searches are biased to push some presidential candidate. Some clown of an author even wrote a book saying the same things about Sympile. I was going to sue D. F. Klein but the parasites said to let it go, "Why give him some more publicity." Maybe they were right. This time.

Now I saw that Donald Trump is raising the same issue all over again. You know your candidacy is going well when you start marching out some old conspiracy story. But maybe Donald isn't totally wrong. Maybe Google is biasing their web search results, their recommended web searches, their web videos, their news. Maybe Google is biasing everything to push Clinton. I don't know. I can only talk about Sympile.

And here, every web search is biased. It has to be. You think it's luck when some website shows up on the first page? We have to make sure that pornography, hate groups, lousy sites, all get buried somewhere in the Great Internet Graveyard. Type "Nazi" in the Google search box and the top search response is the American Nazi Party. You believe that?

Type "Nazi" in a Sympile search box, and the top result is the Southern Poverty Law Center, followed by the Ant-Defamation League. Sympile's not promoting any hate-filled Nazi group. We're not going to become an arm of any person or organization that is promoting racism. What about you, Google? How about growing some nerve and taking a position?

Anyway, what about "free speech" some of you are thinking. Don't the Nazis have a right spew their hate-filled message. I'm not stopping them. They can say what they want. I love "free speech." That's part of the reason why the United States is the greatest country in the world. The first amendment is the first one for a reason. And guess what? It applies to me as much as to you. And to the Nazis.

If I don't want to promote groups I don't like, it's my right. If I like a certain video, you can bet it's going to find its way to the front page of SymTube. And if you don't like it, start your own search company. Promote who you want. My company - my rules.

And candidates? Is Sympile promoting someone for president like Author D. F. Klein wrote. I really don't care who's going to be president. The only difference is which one of their cronies is going to make more money. The sad part is that we have this great country, and we wind up with two candidates that no one likes. Maybe I should run. Guess I should start biasing some search results.

Al Weiser  

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