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Is Google Search Broken?

Now, I'm not picking on Google just for the sake of competition. I'm being sincere. Is Google Search broken?

Remember when Google first started. It was everything that one wanted in a search engine: fast, relevant, easy to use. Now, it's become a bloated advertising monster.

It used to be that when someone needed to find something, all they did was google it. Now, you're likely to find as much crap on the first page of Google as on the fiftieth.

Maybe the better question is whether the marketers with their numerous backlinks have figured out how to beat Google's search algorithms. Maybe, the SEO promoters are too smart for Google. And maybe, Google can't figure out how to distinguish valid websites from junk.

Let me give Google a few hints:

  • If a website's name has the words "topten" in it, you may want to look more closely at that company.

  • If all the website is doing is regurgitating Amazon reviews, why don't you move them down to page 100. If I want to read to Amazon, I'll got to Amazon.

  • If the website has a popup that says "Free Expert Report - Give us your email address," toss them off the Google Mountain.

  • CNET, PCWORLD, or any other website that wants its readers to click through lengthy slideshows, should be banished to page 15.

  • Let's move the review aggregator sites like rotten tomatoes and metacritic to page 50. Does anyone not have the time to read a full review anymore?

  • Ban all clickbait. Any article with the headline, "Did you see how Pamela Anderson looked last night?" should not be in the first 1000 pages.

  • Slow-loading websites. We don't need them. Why are they on your search engine?

  • Websites with enough ads on them that the content disappears. How do those websites even get listed in a Google search? There are too many of them.

  • Websites that troll their users just to get clicks. Stop placing those websites on the first page.

I'm sure that there are a few bright minds left at Google. But the idea that you're letting the marketers take over the web is ridiculous. You have the responsibility to make sure that the web sites you recommend are relevant. Otherwise, we all might be forced to used Bing. Or even worse, a physical library.

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