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Snapchat Selling Sunglasses Camera - Women Scream, "Oh No!"

Anyone remember the old X-Ray Specs that they used to sell in the back of old comic books? I don't but this old guy who works at Sympile does. When Frank saw Snapchat's press release on their sunglasses with cameras, he told me about it.

The "X-Ray Specs" were an novelty item that was sold through ads that featured some perverted guy with this lascivious smile checking out a woman. They knew their market.

At Sympile, we've spent a fair amount of time looking into wearable camera glasses and have reached the conclusion that they make people too uncomfortable. Google Glasses bombed, in part, because talking to people wearing them just didn't feel right.

Now, I understand that the Snapchat camera glasses are going to be a lot cheaper than the old Google flop. And I also know that they'll have a light that will let everyone know when they're recording. But anyone want to lay odds how quickly the light will be hacked so that it can be shut off?

The camera shutter sound on our Symphone was made so that it couldn't be shut off to prevent men from taking upskirt photos. Sad to say, the number one hack on the Symphone is turning off the shutter sound. I know it's because you want to take photos in quiet places. Right. Don't forget. We have your photos. Sympile knows what you're taking pictures of with the shutter off. And it's not photos of books in a library.

Our Sympile data shows that the first thing that men will do with camera glasses is figuring out how to take inappropriate photos. And we predict that the number of women's cleavage video that will be posted on reddit will skyrocket.

Sunglasses with cameras. Not at Sympile. Not anytime soon.

Al Weiser.

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